9 thoughts on “April’s random photos”

  1. You’re welcome Michael. One of the nice things about the interaction with other bloggers around the world, you gain insight and can glimpse into the ordinary lives of others, not just the tourist attractions, but the everyday routines and sights of other people around the world. Hopefully, you make this a monthly feature.

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  2. I think it will be a nice addition to your blog pages. I was really into photography when I traveled but haven’t really traveled since the mid-80s and kind of got out of the photography. Back then it was strictly film and cost a small fortune unless you develop your own photos and how many people can do that? But with digital cameras, it is a whole new world. My earliest blog posts had no pictures, then I used stock photos and have only really gotten into using my own photos the last three years or so. I follow a few photographers here on WordPress, the pros and some amateurs and I see the amateur’s photos and then mine and know I could go back and take a few classes, but I also tell myself that they are using expensive DSLR cameras and this is why they have perfect shots. I’m just shooting or content to go with the narrative … sometimes I’m lucky if I throw out enough peanuts to get a cute pose. 🙂

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  3. I have a samsung and it is pretty amazing and no carrying about large bags of stuff. My youngest has a DSLR and it takes great shots but we have to plan things and often miss those great moments in time that will not be repeated.

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  4. That’s how it was with the 35 mm camera too. My last trip I took was Scandinavian countries and USSR in 1983 and I lugged around a lot of camera equipment and the compact 35 mm cameras were just coming out on the market – no digital yet. So, one of the people in the tour group had one and carried it around in a pocket and we exchanged some photos after the trip, and they were just as clear as mine. I never used it much after that … like you said, it took positioning and fiddling with the dials just for one shot. Most of the time I just shot on automatic on the 35 mm, same as now. Simple rules sometimes.

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