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  1. It’s called The peace hall. It was built in the 1700s and recently had a £20000000 refurbishment and is absolutely gorgeous and wonderful place to spend a few hours . they doesn’t have they doesn’t have massive and glasses of shops there are plenty of art galleries and things of that nature a theatre in there and restaurants and it is used for lots of musical and artistic kind of things


  2. Hmm, for some reason I got a bounce back on my comment that I had to resend it. What I said was that I must have mistaken “mall” for “hall” … what a smart idea to use this historic architecture to feature an artsy-type venue. It was well worth the price they spent for the refurbishment. We don’t have the type of old and historical architecture here in Michigan … I guess some parts of the U.S. have their historical places, but not as many as other places around the world that ooze historical significance.


  3. Were quite lucky here we have so many buildings from the Victorian era and they are just gorgeous to look at and there has been lots of renovation in recent years we’re just looks fabulous


  4. Got another bouncemack on this photo – so mentioning it. So I came right to the site and out of the “Notifications” area.

    You are lucky in that respect – not a lot around here except water (Michigan is known for its Great Lakes region) … I follow a UK photographer who has two sites, one of photos (I think he is very good) and another historical site. I follow that page as well, but he doesn’t post too often. This is his photo site. I believe he works or lives in Southampton: https://andyfinneganblog.wordpress.com/


  5. Thanks I will take a look I wonder why that is. It’s certainly a very different world where he is to where I am . I’ll take a look at both I’ve never been to Southampton it’s rather a long way away from here


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