7 thoughts on “20180502_103613974135989.jpg”

  1. I like this photo … it looks very “touristy” looking to me, especially the patina on the roof that is in the foreground. In fact, it is an interesting-looking roof which resembles a bobby’s hat.


  2. That’s the view from work and the building in the foreground you’re talking about is actually a night club believe it or not


  3. Interesting that it is a night club – again, looks like a building of historical significance. I love the patina on the roof, makes for a unique photo.


  4. I think it was something special long long time ago but sadly no more although the nightclub itself is quite interesting inside because it’s an entire Street. Road lights buildings everything it’s all very weird


  5. Sounds interesting. I was reading today that here in the States, a big thing for families is building these enormous (and costly) treehouses for family and friends to relax in. The trees sometimes grow right through the house.


  6. Sounds wonderful though as you say rather pricey! Theres something to be said for ensuring you know how to relax properly though


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