Spasmodic Juice

This is in response to M’s prompts. Today it was ‘Spasmodic Juice’

Jillfax shuddered as Vor caressed his brunther with her blood red claws, his trill turning a vibrant shade of purple and his moistening mandalor quivering with delight.

Running her rough tongue the length of his thrombus, she placed a talon inside the entrance to his bare gaping bartex.   He gasped as she moved her claw in a clockwise direction, her full green lips revealing two rows of sharp white teeth in her warm wet mouth before pulling it out and licking the oozing fripple from it hungrily.

“Oh sweet snarx” Jillfax groaned as she wrapped her claws tight around his throat and pushed her body against him, her scales bristling with desire.  “Don’t stop…”

Her face mere millimetres from his she hissed in pleasure as her grampus began to swell and both of her zizz throbbed alternating greens and yellows.

“Do it” she urged him, “you know you want to.”

Jillfax rose to his full height, his thrombus now fully wet and glistening in the low light of the lair.  He took it in his hand, running it between his claws.  Vor looked up at him in desperation, her flictus now dripping and her scales in a full purple flush.

“Do it now” she begged rubbing her grampus frantically against her splosh as a sweet syrup leaked from her zizz and ran down her stomach, pooling in the creases of her charnock.

Jillfax took her by the hand and pulled her to her feet, spinning her around and forcing her to bend before him.  Vor looked back at him, her eye wide and her body shaking with pleasure.

“Do me like one of your earth girls” she begged.