Just haiku…

This week I am having a crack at not being weird and odd when it comes to my itsy bitsy japanese poems.

Wind through the tree tops

Gate ajar banging all night

land swept clean at dawn


Did yo know there are more rules than just the 5/7/5? Oh yeah there are tons of the chuffing things like:

  • a focus on some aspect of nature or the seasons
  • division into two asymmetrical sections, usually with a cut at the end of the first or second section, creating a juxtaposition of two subjects (e.g. something large and something small, something natural and something human-made, two unexpectedly similar things, etc.)
  • a contemplative or wistful tone and an impressionistic brevity
  • imagery predominates over ideas and statements, so that meaning is typically suggestive, requiring reader participation
  • avoidance of metaphor and similes
  • non-rhyming lines