A few days away.

For the first time in nearly 6 months I have just spent more than a day away from my blog. 

For the first time in nearly 6 months I have just spent more than a day away from my blog.  In the past Ive had the odd spell away, but nothing like this.  For 4 days in fact I have not made a post, read a comment or read anything anyone else has posted.

It was at first rather frustrating but there were these Ikea cupboards that needed to go up you see plus others that needed moving from one side of the bedroom to the other.  Now, in order to achieve that they needed to be dismantled which I kind of managed but then the dismantling was followed by shouting, swearing, sweating and me then apologising to the family for being a complete dick and a quite awful human being.

The second night I repeated my performance, to somewhat of a lesser degree, but again I was a twat and I will admit that I am this point thinking that I have issues.  No matter how hard I tried the combination of my complete ineptness and the quite obvious evil nature of these wardrobes brought out my inner twat.

Another night of it and by the time I had done them all I simply had no joy left in me and found it rather hard to return and it has taken a couple of days of cocktails, Christmas merriment and festive television to get me back to some sort of place where I have both the time and the inclination to write again.

I have some catching up to do I think but just glad my wife didn’t make me sleep in the garden this Christmas really.  She’s a frightfully patient woman.

Merry Christmas

Michael x




Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

12 thoughts on “A few days away.”

  1. Merry Christmas Sergeant Michal. Your absence was noticed. 😀 Next time be kind enough to announce a deep cover mission and radio silence, or make few posts, then schedule them for days to come. 😀 Problemo solved. 😀

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  2. Cheers mate. Yeah Im normally quite good at that and have 20 or so lined up but I think too many Christmas parties caught me out. I have nearly two weeks off work now so will be interesting what I can muster.

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  3. If it makes you feel any better, I think Christmas just brings out the twatishness in all of us. Too many obilgations, changes in routine and time off. Add Ikea to the mix and you were lucky to have survived! I hope the rest of your time off goes swimmingly.

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