Things I read in February

Couldn’t not read ‘Go set a watchman’ after reading ‘To kill a mockingbird’ and I bloody loved it! Some people don’t, and they’re entitled to their incorrect opinion. Im no critic, so don’t know how to properly review a book, but I just enjoyed it so. Funny, moving, beautifully written and scratched that itch left after reading Mockingbird…

Island by David Almond was a lovely surprise, and I finished it in one sitting. Well written, characters I quickly came to care about and a tender tale of…hmm…fate? Coincidence? Happenstance? Whatever it was I enjoyed it and sometimes that is all that matters.

The Last Man graphic novel has been turned into an Amazing TV show, and im determined to finish the series before I watch it. I bloody love Brian K Vaughan, and his work on SAGA is one of my most favourite graphic novel series. Im enjoying this very much and do so wont anything post apocalyptic, although may might say as all men being dead bar one is less apocalypse and more blissful-everyday-is-like-Christmas.

What you reading this month?

Saga. This ones for Simon

More than just a comic book to me.

If you’re a comic reader you know that now and again you stumble upon something that just grabs you and demands your attention and from then on you’re hooked.  For me, from the minute I first read SAGA by Fiona Staples and Brian E Vaughan, I knew this  was going to be one of those experiences.

The reason I got into it was because of the owner of the local comic shop Simon Shaw.  I told him I was after something new and he asked me what I liked.  I explained the sort of stories and art that I enjoyed and almost straight away he was in no doubt that I would love Saga and he was absolutely right.

As much as I like to think I know a bit about comics, I don’t really and when you meet someone like Simon you realise what real passion looks like and there is something so brilliant about just knowing someone like that because that passion is truly infectious.  For the years that have followed I have bowed to his superior knowledge so many times and whilst my wallet may have suffered he has never been wrong.

It is with a real sadness though that I won’t get to have my arm twisted to pick up something new any more because Simon passed away this week.  He was only forty and had beaten cancer and a heart attack took him far too soon.

Thanks for everything mate I will miss you and I’m sure I will think about you every time I read it.