22 thoughts on “August’s random photos”

  1. Some mighty-fine architecture in the August pics round-up. And that looks like a pork tenderloin – my mom used to make stuffed pork tenderloins … mmmmm. My favorite photo: “Some days you’re the pigeon, and some days you’re the statue!”

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  2. Yeah I see to have for got about a bit this month…

    I think it was a pork loin yeah 🙂 i do love it so …

    The statue is lloyd George the prime minuster arouhd the end of ww1

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  3. My mom was a good cook – I am not, and sometimes I fondly remember her meals and baking and scold myself for not trying harder. Maybe when I retire and have a little more time. I didn’t recognize the statue … now PM Winston Churchill I would have recognized. I see that saying about the pigeon and the statue all over … memes, teeshirts … it certainly is true some days.

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  4. I’ve always found baking is very much about sticking to the recipe and following the instructions specifically. Cooking you can get away with mixing things up a little bit but baking is far more precise I think

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  5. My mother always made the means and told me when I needed to cook, if I could read a cookbook, I could cook. Well, I’ve burned slice-and-bake cookies. I may have a deficient gene somewhere.

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