Feline Friday : San Xavier Mission Cat and Mouse — Cactus Catz

Someone else I enjoy to read. The haiku first caught my attention but there are all sorts of bits and pieces on her blog. Well worth a follow.

San Xavier Mission del Bac’s front is intricately decorated Look inside the swirls at the top. In the top left corner swirl is a mouse and in the right one is the cat watching the mouse, ready to pounce if he comes out. The mouse: The Cat: They say if the cat catches…

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Locks — constant VARIABLE

If you don’t follow AP you should because he is one fabulous poet.

Held by the sideOf the heart growing wideNear the solace and silence of souls The circuitry liedAs if something defiedWhat was certainly seen as a hole No given key,Could find any degree,Nor position or pressure to turn For rust and debrisLeft the tumblers unfreeSo no purchase a person could earn Even with picksAnd with dynamite […]

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People I enjoy – Fandango


Today I’d like to you to Fandango.  He probably has a real name like Brian or Carl but Fandango is far more exciting.    Never short of a flash fiction piece or a thought on the world he always has something to say and loves doing what he does.  Well worth a read if you like that sort of thing.

Check him out here