Theodore Rufus Doggington the 1st – Part Deux

or Teddy for short…

You can read Theo’s introduction here.

So…I’ve had him for about 5 weeks. How’s it going?

You know, I think I quite like being a dog owner. Or perhaps I like my dog. Either way, it’s been a pretty pleasant experience so far. We spend most of our time together given that I am working from home so I have had chance to put time into training him which means Ive been able to house train him with less than a dozen accidents (pee only) and he has also been sleeping all night so that’s some key boxes ticked.

He’s had his jabs now so from yesterday he can also go out for walks. That has been less successful but I just need to get him used to traffic and stuff. Nothing major to worry about. Equally, hes still a bit bitey but so much less than he was. He seems to have a thing for Mrs Afterwards’ feet which whilst funny is also dangerous as no one should touch her feet. Ever. The kids thought I was joking once and tried to tickle them and we nearly had to put them up for adoption afterwards.
What has amazed me is how much he has grown. He has literally doubled in size in a month. I mean how is that even possible. He’s putting on weight faster than me in lockdown which is quite something indeed!

I have an experiment I am going to be posting about which is going to explore that a little more, keep an eye out for it trust me it’s some serious scientific stuff for sure!

I will admit that I didn’t think that I would like him as much as I do, but as Mrs afterwards’ keeps telling me, there is no love like that of a grumpy old man and the dog he did not want.

With Christmas on the way and lockdown easing a little bit here I am looking forward to seeing what the next month holds for us both. Should be fun.

Introducing Theodore Rufus Doggington the 1st

or Teddy for short…

After 4 years of nagging by the youngest blonde child we were eventually worn down and last week we brought home our new puppy. He’s the cutest little fox red Labrador retriever and despite being very much against having one Im rather enjoying him…