Theodore Rufus Doggington the 1st. My what a big dog he is…

Theo and I wandering the local area with camera in hand

So ten months in and what sort of dog is he now? Curiously, he hasn’t really changed much. He is sweet, friendly and wants to be everyone’s BFF. Only main difference is that he can now mostly pull my shoulder out of its socket if he get the sniff of the sort of thing that makes dogs lunge wildly. You know, squirrels, a random leaf, a small child with an ice cream. That sort of stuff.

We continue to wander around Halifax as the mood takes us, and he also had a trip to Scarborough recently to have his first swim in the sea, and he bloody loved it. He followed it up with fish and chips and some dog ice cream, so as days go I think it was perhaps one of his best. I think it just pipped the day he got hold of 3 bags of dog treats and scoffed down the lot.

He’s made plenty of friends, though remains a little rough when he plays with them so has some learning to do on that front. He isn’t bitey, it’s not anything like that, he is just an exuberant ball of uncoordinated enthusiasm which can be rather off putting.

Anyway, here’s a few pictures of us wandering about aimlessly.

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

15 thoughts on “Theodore Rufus Doggington the 1st. My what a big dog he is…”

  1. He’s adorable (what’s his name)? looks quite a bit like our Wesley. I lol out loud at the treat part, our beagle Charlie figured out how to open the treat drawer and helped himself to a whole box of dog biscuits, I’m sure he had help eating those. I love the pictures, they do love their adventures.

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  2. What a handsome fellow Theo has become – I guess he is full-sized now (ouch, your poor shoulder). My favorite pictures were in the water at Scarborough and the second to the last pic. I love his favorite day eating fish and chips and doggy ice cream after a relaxing swim. This post made me smile Michael.

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  3. Ha ha – still more to grow, wow! I used to walk through a neighborhood before I started going the Park and a woman walked her two English bulldogs every morning. I’d laugh because if it wasn’t hot and they felt like walking, she looked like both arms would come out of their sockets, but if it was hot and humid, they’d park themselves on the sidewalk, drooling all over and she’d have to stop and give them each water in their portable dishes.

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  4. A little on the homely side as well. Very slobbery! I did a 5K walk called the Mutt Strut a couple of years ago to help raise money for a no-kill animal shelter. I never saw a Bull Mastiff before – it not only was slobbery, but seemed to delight in shaking its head and spreading the slobber all over – it just missed the camera and me!

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  5. Theyre amazing pooches !!! The I gets a,bit drooly around dinner time 🙂 luke most dogs i guess. He thinks he’s human and wants his place at the table !

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