13 thoughts on “January in Pictures”

  1. I agree – on the news they said the current vaccines are 80% effective for the new variants … they can’t get people vaccinated now – how do they expect to get them back for the second shot and another booster. And Johnson & Johnson was not that great to begin with.

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  2. I forgot about the Superbowl. I was watching “All Creatures Great and Small” – it just ended and I popped onto Twitter to see who was winning. You might as well go to bed. It looks like Brady will get his 7th SB ring!

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  3. This is a new series on our PBS station (which I am watching on the computer as I don’t have TV) and I read it aired in the UK last Summer. I had read the series of books many years ago and saw another production which might have been a mini-series or a movie, I don’t recall. This is only on from 01/10 through 02/21. The scenery in the dales is beautiful. This is the trailer for it: https://youtu.be/MZzFjeQFpro

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