My ongoing journey of calorie deficit and intermittent fasting

Manboobs, Sexy Pokemon and Sage Advice

So I am now about 7 months in and surprisingly pretty much still at it. That in itself is a huge surprise but I think something is seeping into my consciousness that tells me when I’m stuffing too much into my face or eating outside of the windows I have set for myself.

The weight loss is not as rapid as it once was and I did stall for a while but that was because I was eating too much and not moving enough. it’s pretty simple stuff but my goodness it’s hard when the Great British bake Off is on TV and I feel compelled to bake. And who knew that eating an entire cake would mean you wouldn’t lose weight that week. Shocking.

The fasting is probably easier than the calorie control, I mean what is so hard about not eating right. I say that tongue in cheek. Or cake in cheek. My biggest challenge is accidentally eating whilst I am making the boys lunches for school or perhaps making snacks and stuff. Quite often I will have a mouth full of something before I even realise.

And then there are those moments of ‘I don’t care I have tried hard for so long I am eating a handful of cake and then some ham with horse radish sauce on it at midnight.” That usually follows the “I wont eat much today as am going to have a bottle of wine later as it has been a long week” stage.

The “Oh well, tomorrow will be better” phase tends to be next to follow…

I have a full health scan in a few weeks so will be interesting to see how that pans out. I am hoping my blood pressure is looking better and I might treat myself to a prostate examination to celebrate! Kidding. 😉

Anyway, so this is 7 months apart and about 50lbs down. Mostly though just looks like I shaved 🙂

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

18 thoughts on “My ongoing journey of calorie deficit and intermittent fasting”

  1. Solid work, man!
    I can agree, it’s a constant pain in the ass to stay on task…seems like you’re course correcting pretty quickly though, which is where a lot of people tend to falter, I think…

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  2. ‘Fess up Michael – you shaved the beard and cut your hair to be a few less ounces at next week’s physical exam! I couldn’t resist those treats … that’s for sure. It’s just me, so I don’t make any sweets. In fact for my dessert tonight, I had Digestive cookies that came from the UK. I was looking for something at the grocery store and saw a display of foreign foods and that included three types of Digestives (plain, milk chocolate top and dark chocolate top). I grabbed one of each package thinking “I’ve not had Digestives since the last time I was in Canada in the mid-80s!” Good thing I had a glass of water handy – they could choke a horse. Now I have to say that chocolate cake would go down real nice and easy.

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  3. wow. good work, Michael. I am proud of you. You are an inspiration. 50 lbs in 7 months is really really good and smart. Maybe you cannot see the difference in the photos, but it is so much more than just shaving. It totally sounds like you are aware of what you need to do, to get the results that you want. I am cheering for you to love yourself, and continue to do what only you know best to do. Cheers, Michael.

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  4. You look great! Losing weight is hard. But being overweight is hard, too. I think I’ll pick the choice that keeps my knees from screaming. Onward and downward, my good man!

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  5. Changing actions you have done for 50 years is hard to do, but 50 pounds is great! I have dropped about 5 pounds… although I have limited activity I can do with fibromyalgia if I don’t want to be down with pain for days. I am moving more though (therapy pool twice a week) and entering calories on an app I have. It is definitely hard work to take it off!

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