10 thoughts on “December’s random photos”

  1. I guess it was a typical Christmas month really. Fun friends and frivolities. It has been unseasonably warm though and I think that is down to climate change. It seems to be warmer and wetter in recent winters and summers are generally warmer which whilst bad for billions around the planet is fabulous here in Yorkshire. Bring on more of it I say!

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  2. Lots of Christmas get togethers and the photo of Gaviscon was so appropriate. I like Santa checking his e-mail or text messages … were the reindeer ready? Does Mrs. Claus want milk and bread brought home or is he checking who gets coal in their stocking? Maybe Rudolph’s GPS went wonky and Santa is using Google maps!

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  3. Haha… playing Santa was great fun it was particularly with all the really little ones gathered around. The slightly older children may be a bit less so but it was great fun

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  4. Oh you were Santa … good deal, didn’t realize that Michael, but I had to chuckle at this modern-day Santa. Yes, for the kids who still believe, Christmas is so much more of a treat!


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