Peachy Kisses – Room 101

Well that turned out a bit different. I think its a revisit to an idea I rather like.

These things tend to be short pieces that may or may not be the beginning of something else. Originally they were 101 words but this month I will allow myself more. M’s prompt  was ‘Peach Kisses’

The first time she saw him her body reacted and she knew he was the one.  Her father had always told her to ‘choose a date that would make a mate’ and he had all the makings of a fine one at that.   

Physically he was tall, broad shouldered and had the kind of jaw you couldn’t help wanting to caress whilst you whispered in his ear to lose his wife and meet you upstairs.  The sharp dark blue suite hung like he was born for it and as he walked across the room she noticed more than one of the lesser creatures bristle and stand that little bit closer to the pretty little thing on his arm.  

She took out her the peach balm from a small black purse, lingered briefly savouring the sensation as she ran it slowly over her lips, and then put it away as she walked over to the bar where he stood.

 Waiting behind him she breathed deep.  He smelled like leather and musk and her pulse began to race.

 “I’ll take one too” she said smiling at the barman as he ordered whisky sour. 

 He turned around slowly still leaning on the bar.  “So a whiskey lover eh” he said flashing her a broad smile.

 She was unnervingly beautiful and his cheeks flushed as she placed a hand on his arm.  “A lover of many things, my tastes are varied.”

 He turned to face her and extended a hand.  His nails were well manicured an there was the all too familiar indentation on the ring finger of his left hand.

 “Adam, my name’s Adam” he said attempting to give her his best smouldering look.  She loved how they squirmed, no matter how dominant they thought they were they were little more than hormonal sacks of throbbing flesh at times.

 Holding out her his hand she walked closer to him.  “Adam is it?  Well then that must make me Eve.”

 He stood frozen for a moment before slowly releasing her hand.


 Placing a finger on his lips she shushed him.  She did so enjoy the dramatic, playing with them and watching them melt at her touch.    

 “Oh come now handsome” she continued standing even closer, her breasts pressed against him.  The place was filling up quickly and there were people all around them.  She raised an eyebrow and giggled.  “I see it’s not only speaking that’s hard is it.”

 Feeling more confident he placed a hand on her waist and leaned in as the bar tender slid the drinks over. “So Eve” he said smiling “have you come to tempt me?”

 He has a sense of humour she thought to herself.  A little corny perhaps but he is trying and normally it was a sign of intelligence.  This was getting better and better by the minute.  She stared into his dark brown eyes and bit her lip and watched his pupils dilate and nostrils flare.  She could almost taste the testosterone coursing through his body, almost feel his urge to taste her.

 His hand slipped to the small of her back. “I think we need to be anywhere but here don’t you think?”   

 “Oh is that so?” She replied.  “You haven’t even finished your drink.”

 He looked her up and down, taking a deep breath as the sight of the red dress clinging to her curves and her wavy raven hair cascading around her shoulders. 

 “This drink?” He replied reaching over for it and knocking it back in one. 

 Oh how they loved to perform for her, once their dander was up and they felt their trousers tighten.  The desperation was intoxicating and it made her want to possess them even more.

 Placing a hand on his chest she could feel his heart racing beneath the hard ripples of his body.  Staring into his eyes she slid her hand slowly downwards and stopped just above his waist.  She needed to get him outside, away from the noise and bustle of this place.  He was definitely the one and it was time.

 “Follow me” she whispered into his ear as she tugged on his belt and snaked her fingertips inside.

 He nodded, completely in her grip.  They were just so obedient she thought to herself, little more than compliant horny little pups.  Holding his hand she ld him from the room, she knew he was staring at her at her backside as walked ahead of him, she was now so in tune with his desires she was certain that she could hear every urge and thought filling him.

 She headed out through the heavy front doors and out into the night.  The streets were still busy and neon flooded the darkness as rain began to fall.  “Down here” she urged and dragged him down an alley that ran behind the building and into a recessed doorway at the end, just out of sight of passers by. 

   She pushed him against the door as he tried to kiss her, and he looked shocked at how strong she was.  Smiling she wrapped her slender fingers around his throat.  He wasn’t the first to underestimate her and he wouldn’t be the last.  She reached between his legs with her free hand. 

 “That all you got?” she said smiling.  He grinned and tried to kiss her again and once more she shoved him against the wall.    

 “I’m going to F…”

 She squeezed his throat, red manicured nails digging into his flesh.  His heart was racing and every fibre of his being craved her.  His mind swam with thoughts of pushing her up against the wall and lifting her skirt.   She giggled as she stared into his eyes.  Did he really think he could satisfy her?  He wouldn’t last a minute.

 “It’s time” she said, her face now just an inch from his. 

 Again he nodded and she squeezed him through his trousers. 

 He was ready and so was she, his body was filled with the testosterone her eggs needed to incubate.  Her tongue flashed from between her peach scented lips, into his mouth and down his throat…

 He would make a good mate indeed.   

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

16 thoughts on “Peachy Kisses – Room 101”

  1. Then I think that is perhaps the joy of blogging really you don’t have to finish anything you can start it sometimes in the middle and finish just after the beginning and other times I like to start at the end. People may read it people may not it doesn’t really matter. I think the joy is the creative process and just getting stuff out there and making room for more things in your head. I’ve done months where I just do 101 word prompts over and over again which Express an idea or a sentiment and very little more but it feels good just to see those things written down and I can revisit them whenever I want. 1 month I did an entire novella in 30 days following a bunch of prompts and just made it up as I went along. I think if it’s passionate and from the heart and it you find your own voice people will enjoy it

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  2. It is. I love the crazy weird stuff people come up with. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started blogging but it really is wildly entertaining! Both the writing and the reading.

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