The Secret Doors on 75th – Room 101

It’s been a while since I did anything constructive on here. Let’s give it a try.

These things tend to be short pieces that may or may not be the beginning of something else. Originally they were 101 words but this month I will allow myself more.  M’s prompt was ‘The secret doors on 75th’.

If Sam was anything he was brave.  Or perhaps he was stupid, being as similar as they are when it comes to young men, but either way he was not one for backing down from a challenge.  His eyes twinkled and he flashed a broad smile and with the other boys encouraging him he brushed the mop of thick brown hair from his eyes and put his shoulder to the door.

 “Sam, you’re going to get us into trouble” said Tom looking about nervously.  Being a few years younger but considerably wiser Tom was often the voice of reason.  That said, it was pretty obvious that he was not going to be listened to today.

 “Relax Tom” Sam grinned, “the place is abandoned no one cares.”

 “Come on Sam” shouted one of the older boys.  “Leave him be Tom.”

 Tom stood back as Sam threw himself at the old door with its peeling paint and tarnished lion’s head knocker.  A once brilliant number 7 now hung crooked and swung each time Sam barged into the old wooden panels.  Wiping his brow he gave it all he had and with a loud splintering of wood the door gave way, the lock ripping free.

 The boys exploded in unison cheering and shouting with the exception of Thomas who looked up and down the street nervously.  Fortunately there was no one around to see.

 “What you waiting for Sam, go inside” shouted the older boy.  “You don’t believe the old stories do you?”

 Sam dusted himself off and turned to the group of boys, his face a broad smile and a glint in his eye.  “I ain’t afraid of anything” he said folding his arms.  “I’m going to be the first person to go in here since…” He paused.  Actually no one had lived there for as long as any of them could remember and none of the adults could remember a time when anyone had come and gone from the building.

 “Be careful Sam” said Tom walking up the steps to where Sam stood.  Sam ruffled his brothers hair and put a reassuring arm on his shoulder.  “It’ll be fine, I’ll bring you something back”  and with that he pushed through the door and stepped inside. 

 He turned to wave to th boys outside but the sliver of light from the door suddenly disappeared and he found himself in complete darkness.  Suddenly he didn’t feel so brave and he reached out into the inly blackness to try and make his way back to the door but could find nothing.  “Tom” he shouted, his heart racing.  “Tom, can you hear me?”  He paused waiting for a response but there was nothing until he picked up the feint sound of running water followed by a deep booming voice.

 “Who dares to enter my halls?”

 Sam placed his hands over his ears closed his eyes.

 “Who are you boy” came the voice for a second time.  “What are you doing here?  How did you get in?”

 Sam opened his eyes and stammered am response.  “Th-the door “ he said.  “I came through the door.”

 “The door?  My kingdom has no door.  Tell the truth now boy.  Did he send you?”

 “Me?” answered Sam confused.  “No Sir, I came through the door.  The one on 75th.”

 “75th? Hmm I don’t recall any doors” he replied.  “Are you sure he didn’t snd you, he really is most persistent.”

 “No really, I just came through the door and now I am here.”

 The voice seemed to sigh and mumble to itself.

 “Do you plan to stay?”

 “No Sir, I need to get home.  My mum be worried sick and Tom will get into so much trouble if I don’t go back.”

 “Hmm.  I would so like some company though.  It has been a very long time since anyone visited.  No one seems to want to come over.  Are you sure I couldn’t convince you it really is rather nice here if you just give it a chance.  You and my son would get on famously I’m sure.”

 “No really, I should be going.” Sam answered turning back towards where he thought the door might be. 

 “That’s a real shame, a real shame indeed.  I’ve been waiting so long for someone to come over but…” the voice trailed away.

 “Yes?” prompted Sam.

“Did I mention we have eternal life?”

 Sam shook his head.

 “Oh yes” he continued.  “and the roads are paved with gold you know.”

 Sam continued to inch backwards away from the voice until he felt what could be the door behind him.  His hands felt around in the darkness until he found what he was certain was a door handle.

 “Sounds great” Sam said as politely as he could with his hear pounding and a tremor in his voice.  “If I am not home for tea there will be hell to pay.”

 The voice let out a raucous laugh.  “Now you see, another thing you don’t have to worry about here.  He can’t get in so no worries on that front.”  He sounded rather proud.  “So how about it Sam, fancy it?  There’s loads of room you can stay in my house.  There are loads of rooms.”

 “Thanks but like I said I need to get going” Sam said and with one movement he pulled open the door and threw himself outside with final desperate words ringing in his ears…”We have ice cream and wifi.”




Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

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