Toxic – Room 101

These things tend to be short pieces that may or may not be the beginning of something else. Originally they were 101 words only. I’m less strict about that now. They dont always finish, I just like to try and evoke a certain feeling or scene.

“Woah man, try these” Driyal said offering the small packet of blue pills as he watched his otherwise perfectly green tentacles turn to a bunch of flowers. “These are out of this world.”

Corvelex stared open mouthed and shook his head as he imagined himself to be the sexual centre of the entire galaxy.  His thrallus throbbed intently and his scales turned a deep shade of crimson.

“What is it man” he asked, all four of his eyes rolling back in his head.

“Sapien X” Driyal said grinning broadly.

“No way bro” he insisted, “I ain’t touching those humans, they’re toxic!”