“Hey Boss, have you seen what Mary’s been writing?”

“That footprints in the sand woman?”

“Yeah her”.  Jonah scratched his head and laughed.  “Did you have anything to do with it?  I know what you’re like, whispering in their ears like you care”

“Look, I never asked to get stuck on this planet ok, I never asked to be immortal and I certainly never asked to be anyone’s lord and saviour. He continued, quite vexed, “2500 years I’ve been here. I get bored.  Not once have those upstairs even bothered to so much as pop in and say ‘Good Job’ or  read one of my reports.  I’m sorry”

“What did you do?”

“Ok I did pop into her dream and I gave it all that ‘I was carrying you ‘ business.  I also gave her cancer.”

“Boss, you’re such a dick.”


Inpired by A Frank Angle at

Footprints in the sand





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  1. Oh he is a dick!
    Loved this take…

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  2. This is certainly a different take on the challenge and missing footprints in the sand! Quite bold! Thanks for stopping by my blog to read my humble offering for the challenge.

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  3. Many adjectives can describe this story … bold yet strange. … sci fi with a touch of reality …. Superhero vs Supernatural … even a sense of theism. I like it as it made my mind wonder and think. Well done, Michael … and thanks again for jumping in. I’m also glad to see two of my visitors stopping by to support your efforts. 🙂


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