Twisted Dark

A great collection written by Neil Gibson

I have picked up so many different comic collections and graphic novel collections over the years and this is one of my favourites.  Written by Neil Gibson and illustrated by various artists it is a collection of tales which are, as the title suggests, both twisted and dark.

The artwork is quite wonderful in it’s variety and perhaps different to that which you would be used to if your experience of comics is mainstream DV and Marvel kind of stuff.

Well worth picking up if you ever get the chance.20180901_2256073592885072853122596.jpg20180901_2256511965381341674728507.jpg20180901_2256147106516112602083877.jpg20180901_2256227328474056184478993.jpg20180901_2256446738929993185242448.jpg20180901_2256374848740393985295999.jpg20180901_2256578017153180836496769.jpg20180901_2255164648482600750472841.jpg