I really hate exercise – SoundCloud

Profanities and sexual references galore

So my question for physical inperfection now includes exercise. I hate it. So much. Want to know how much ? Take a listen. Be warned…its really inappropriate and you wouldn’t want your kids listening to it. Unless they’re Jerry Falwell Junior. He would be cool with it I’m sure.

Mostly just ten minutes of me sweating and sweating and making sexual references about exercise machines ..

Listen to I really hate exercise by michael on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/michael-307185057/i-really-hate-exercise

A moment for reflection

Oh blessed relief

Did I mention I like to colour?  No?  Oh I do.  I particularly like to colour sweary things.  I try to stay in the lines but I’m not really one for being told what to do.  Here’s one I did earlier.  I am also rather excited about a Judge Dredd one I bought recently which I will show you at some point.

It’s rather therapeutic you know and certainly worth exploring.  Here’s one I did earlier 🙂

Do you dabble at all?