The army of dead babies

Not really sure where this came from. Not sure if the idea is cute or just creepy as hell.

If you cant sleep at all tonight

And you sense that something’s wrong

And the wind that whispers through the trees

Seems to sing a mothers song


Then close your eyes ignore the sound

Of gurlgles, howls and cries

Upon the wind as it blows through

The late October skies


Stay ‘neath your blanket warm and snug

Don’t open windows wide

For the army of dead babies

Will be marching by outside


Reminders of the choices made

The lives we took for granted

They seek once more a mothers kiss

On this night that’s most enchanted


From those we lost in pointless wars

To others cruelly taken

Not loved, not wanted, never held

And many more forsaken


With Ghoulish faces sunken eyes

A mother’s heart they seek

To take her back to realms of dark

To care for souls most meek


Into your homes they crawl inside

Mouths gaping and dead eyes

Foot of your bed they sit and wait

Soft gurgles tender cries


And should you wake and heed their call

Heart tender, cries to stem

Your soul they take and leave you dead

And drag you back with them


And from that day ‘til ages pass

And they again return to light

You tend the dead lost babies souls

That wander through the night


picture courtesy of pixabay