11 thoughts on “May in Photos”

  1. The food, as usual, looks great! Your skies look like ours. Like a downpour will occur any moment. Is that a clematis? Very pretty. I think Theo is looking very intently at some of the delicious food about to be devoured. I watched a little of the Queen’s Jubilee via Twitter. Did you go away for the four-day holiday marking the festivities?

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  2. Good eye. Yeah we’ve loads of clemmatis this time of year. No we stayed home…it was nice to not do much, enjoy all the jubilee stuff, eat cake, make merry and the weather was even quite nice. Well. It didn’t rain.so that counts as nice 🙂

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  3. They are beautiful flowers. I note (unless it wasn’t in the news) that Brits could celebrate their Queen’s longevity on the throne and there were massive throngs of people and no mass shootings. I watched some of the celebrations – this is a big deal, so I’m glad I could watch it on Twitter. I’ve also been hearing about this six-month trial run of employees working four-day work weeks. Great idea and hope it works out for all the time.

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  4. I guess there are those lovebtge monarchy and tho we that don’t…im rather fond and thoroughly enjoyed the celebrations. It was equally a celebration of britishness in some ways…and of course 2 free days off work.is not to be sniffed at 🙂

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  5. I enjoyed what I saw Michael – that is a big deal that doesn’t come around every day. I laughed at the Paddington Bear and the Queen video – very clever. Paid time off is always welcome!

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  6. Thanks for asking Michael, I am fine. Just been busy with life…I am needing to start writing more often again. I have missed it and the community of friends here.

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  7. I am yet to try a classic English breakfast, and that cake there looks decadent. I envy you so much right now because I am on a strict diet right now, and candy… oh… my Achilles heel.

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