10 thoughts on “July in photos”

  1. Already! Time has zipped by this year due to COVID. Well that is a great reward for celebrating a birthday! If I remember right, you were originally supposed to return to work in September Michael … that was September 2019 and you were allowed to stay working from home … part of the reason you got Theo. Are you still working from home?

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  2. Just incredible – you will forget how to act in an office environment. I know I have as it’s been since 2009 when I was last working on site. I got laid off, but have been doing the work-at-home gig since June 2011.

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  3. I sure don’t blame you Michael, COVID or otherwise and you can do your job the same as on site. Why go through the hassle of fighting traffic and all the rest? I got laid off in late 2009 and hired back part-time in 2011. There was no way I was going to drive there or take two buses each way in the Winter for a half day, so I said I’d work from home. I don’t regret it as I started the walking regimen, the blog, photography again … it’s a whole different work day than before. In my case, I took a cut in pay by deciding to work from home, but it was worth it.


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