April Photos

A glimpse of April through my camera

20190411_1915584393174108750702197.jpg20190421_1004531426182221736725280.jpg20190420_1755481563458062906394260.jpg20190419_1626431791534712082350630.jpg20190420_173355122815480898956839.jpg20190420_1247344671363077761555059.jpg20190405_201231428534459270843841.jpg20190421_2233251589491843800457479.jpg20190407_1814244808763555067418199.jpg20190406_1143037884409599771135178.jpg20190411_2041407010114106525292207.jpg20190421_1004532911391746959281124.jpg20190426_113959.jpg20190426_110553.jpg20190406_140457.jpg20190426_121417.jpg20190406_114255.jpg20190425_144058.jpg20190426_112943.jpgimage-20190426_212025.jpgimage-20190426_212013.jpg20190420_133801.jpg20190406_124121.jpg20190426_195058.jpg20190426_111538.jpg20190426_111616.jpg20190425_184126.jpg20190426_151949.jpg20190428_110813.jpgScreenshot_20190424-125313_Showcase UK.jpg20190425_184124.jpg20190425_1841242183900300700034555.jpg

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

7 thoughts on “April Photos”

  1. Some pretty shoreline pictures Michael – were these part of the camping/fishing trip? Was that May wine with a strawberry (but drinking it in April)? When I was at the ad agency, we’d go out for lunch at a little French bistro all the time. On May 1st they would begin serving May wine, a white wine with a plump strawberry and some type of herb called “woodruff” and serve it throughout Spring. I haven’t thought of that wine in years … the job and the bistro are both long gone.


  2. They were yes that’s thornwick bay on the east coast about 2 hours from here. Lovely spot. As i recall that was a gigantic lemon gin lol..took all Afternoon to.enjoy.

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