4 thoughts on “Guest in Jest #88 Afterwards”

  1. lol, good thing I don’t have alexis. I can just imagine music coming on in different rooms and freaking me out. (well, I did have alexis but I turned her off. It wasn’t me! It was her!)

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  2. Oh its out of control at time. It is handy when the eldest doesnt answer his phone though. We just blast music out of it remotely to catch his attention. Prefereably dolly parton whilst he is online talking to the cool kids or whatever they get up to. could be perverts I don’t really know. Im not a particularly good dad 🙂

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  3. I’m sure the threat of Dolly keeps him off the phone with perverts. If that doesn’t work, try Mary Poppins. A Spoon Full of Sugar should do it.

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