13 thoughts on “20180615_2024252800155621565623467.jpg”

  1. Almost like those hedges that look like a maze sometimes … here in the States they take cornfields and make mazes into them in the Fall and kids run through them.


  2. I am going to mention this in case I am the only one replying to your comment. This is the third month I think you do the monthly photos. I can comment initially, then you reply, and if I reply each time it fails, so I just click on the link and go here instead. I wanted you to know. Wonder if this is because it was the second site you created – remember you had all the issues with it? Then, it could be only me having the problem? Just delete this when you’ve read it.


  3. I’m thinking so because I can reply to your reply in other posts and it is not an issue, just in the photo library and has happened each of the last three months. Wait ’til the heat is over to tackle it. 🙂


  4. Tonight I am writing a post called “Cat Days of Summer” … I came over to my blog about 20 minutes ago to find a blog post I wrote about the “Dog Days of Summer” to get the dates (astrologically) and find the paragraph I wrote about it. I was logged out. So, I plugged in my blog url and password – WordPress says “no such blog site” so I said “okay, hmmm” and put in my e-mail address, then password. No such password. Tried three times and of course got locked out. So I requested a password change (something else to remember – grrrr) … went to my e-mail inbox to get the new password and had a message from WordPress that there was suspicious activity on my site so they shut it down. WTH? So, I had to create a new password and go on again and when I did, I was in Reader. The heat is affecting WordPress as well.


  5. I thought so too Michael and in the morning when I check in at work, I use an old laptop with missing keys, that I use primarily for photo/scanning and I had no access here either and had to plug in the new password, effectively locked out. That is puzzling to me as it is the same IP address.


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