Brimstone Brew – Room 101

This is very much just a beginning…

These things tend to be short pieces that may or may not be the beginning of something else. I try to do them in 101 words but sometime not.  .  The prompt was ‘Brimstone Brew’

With the full moon peering cautiously through the dark clouds Cassandra pulled her cloak tight around her shoulders and stirred the small bubbling pot slowly.

“Needs more eye of newt” said Serano stepping from the shadows. 

“And looks a little light on ragwort too” added Evanora as she alighted from her broom with all the grace and experience of a woman of her two hundred years.  “Hubble bubble indeed” she continued reaching into inside her cloak and pulling out a small pouch.  “ I have some if you’re a little short.”

Cassandra sighed and put down the heavy wooden spoon.

“Ladies, it’s only coffee.  There really is no need to be so dramatic.”

Evanora sniffed the brew as she took a seat at the small wooden table.  “Milk, no sugar please.”

“Someone’s in a mood I see” said Serano taking a seat opposite Evanora.

Cassandra flicked her wand and the pot lifted effortlessly into the air, filling there large cups with the steaming dark liquid and a flourish sent the cups floating over to the table and the pot placed itself back over the fire.  Cassandra took a seat and reached for one of the cups  “Help yourself to milk and sugar.”

As Cassandra took the first sip of her drink Evanora looked over at her and then leaned forward, her eyes bulging more than usual and her crooked nose twitching. “Have you done something to your face Cassie, you look different.”

Cassandra shook her head and stared into her cup.

“She has she has” exclaimed Serano leaning over to get a better look.  “Oh my giddy aunt” she continued.  “Where are your nose warts Girl?  By Methuselah’s beard what have you done to yourself?”

Being a good hundred years younger than the others Cassandra was used to them treating her like a child.

“It’s nothing really” she muttered still refusing to look up. 

Evanora pushed her coffee to one side.  “Nothing? Nothing?  My girl, a nose warts are very much part of who she is.  You cannot just magic those things away, they are part of your very fibre. How did you do it?”

Serano nodded in agreement.  “I saw Santa once at an AA meeting after he’d had a shave.   Not unpleasant and he has a rather nice chin with a cute little cleft but left me feeling rather uncomfortable I will tell you.”

Cassandra moved the cup from in front of face and lifted her head. 

“Sweet baby Jesus” Exclimed Evanora.  Serano put her hand over her mouth in shock. 

“Oh come on, it’s not that bad.” Cassandra protested.  “In fact ai think it looks rather nice.  Grenville the warlock who keeps the bar at the Hogs Head said so himself.”

“Oh Evie” said Serano most upset.  “Evie what is going on.  This is most unwitchlike.”

Evanora took a deep breath and stood up slowly from the table. 

“Cassie, this will not do” she said, her voice stern an commanding.  “This will not do at all.  You are a witch.  We are witches.  We have certain standards to maintain and a wartless face is simply not acceptable in this coven.”

Serano nodded again, this time more vigorously, and Cassie’s lip began to tremble as she started to speak.

“I really don’t see what the problem is” Cassie replied, her voice cracking as she spoke.

“The problem is that there are acceptable norms Cassie.  You don’t see Serano hopping on a bus or taking a dog as a familiar do you?”  Evanora didn’t wait for a response before continuing.  “No, she takes her broom when she needs to pop to the shops and has a perfectly acceptable cat like everyone else.  She conforms Cassie.  She is a witch and she behaves like a witch.”

Cassie eyes began to well up and then, quite unexpectedly, she stood and banged her fist on the table.

“No, no that is not fair.  I like how I look and I think I look much better and Grenville agrees.  In fact I think it’s hypocritical for you to insist I keep my warts.”  She shot a glance over at Serano who was still nodding.

Evanora noticed the glance between the two women.  “What was that?  What’s going on her?” she exclaimed.  “Serano?”

Serano stopped nodding and began shaking her head.  “It’s Nothing.  There’s nothing.   I don’t know what she is talking about.”

Hands on hips Cassandra suddenly felt emboldened.

“You think I haven’t seen the way behave when Victus is about?” she snapped.

“What is she talking about?” asked Evanora sharply.

“Let’s just say that she hasn’t been riding side saddle lately” Cassie continued. 

“Is that true Serano?” Evanora asked her nostrils flaring.  “Have you been riding stick?”

Serano blushed and looked away.

“Oh dear Merlin’s ghost, by Satan’s cloven hooves what is going on with you two.  This is most inappropriate and unwitchlike.”

“Oh please” said Serano.  “Don’t act all superior, you’re one of the dark ones remember.  You’re no white witch.  I remember what you were like when you were younger.”

“Really? “ said Cassandra. 

“Oh yes, let’s just say that that her cat wasn’t the only pussy to get up to no good.”  She winked and grinned as Cassie covered her mouth in shock and Evanora turned sharply pulling out her wand.

“Serano, hush your mouth” she shouted, wand raised.

Serano laughed loudly returning to the table “Oh sit yourself down dear, you know you aren’t going to use that thing.”

Evanora stood breathing heavily her face flushed before sitting back down and composing herself.  Cassandra waited a moment longer before taking her place. 

The three witches stared silently into their cups and Cassandra cleared her throat nervously and began to unbutton her tunic.

“Does anyone want to see my new piercing….”



Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

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