Blue Skies and Blossoms – Room 101

I really don’t think I should publish this but meh…I wrote it

These things tend to be short pieces that may or may not be the beginning of something else. Originally they were 101 words but this month I will allow myself more. M’s prompt  was ‘Blue skies and blossoms.”

This has taken days as I have been busy and keep getting interrupted but I cant just delete it.  The idea was there but execution is awful.  The flow just wasn’t there and it is humourless but if I don’t publish it I cannot move on.  Don’t bother really…


Dar folded his arms defiantly and puffed out his chest.  Whilst his intention was to appear intimidating and confident it actually made him look most awkward and the appearance of perhaps suffering from extreme wind and somewhat in need of a quiet room in which to make himself considerably more comfortable.

 “All I am saying” he protested “is that we need to maybe give them one more chance because I am certain that there is more to them than we have so far uncovered.”

 Whilst Zenda was half his size she was twice as smart and they both knew it.  Seldom did he win an argument with her and he already knew he was likely to lose this one too but he didn’t like to go down without a fight.

 She placed a hand on his forearm and flashed him a smile that suggested she would happily toss the creature from the airlock right now and take great pleasure in doing so.

 “Dar, the test results support my position there really isn’t anything to discuss.  They’re finished.”

 “Bit look at everything they’ve achieved, how far they’ve come.”

 She raised an eyebrow and folded her arms mirroring his defiance.

 “In nearly four thousand years they have hardly progressed beyond the savagery of their ancestors please, enlighten me.”

 This is my chance he thought to himself.

 “Have you heard their music?  Seen their art?  I know you have and you must admit that some of it is quite something to behold.”  He reached for a panel below a small display to the side of where they stood.  “Listen to this, ‘Chopin’.  Truly marvellous stuff.”  He closed his eyes as Nocturn in E-flat major flooded the deck.

 Her lips tightened as the chords soared

 “Don’t make me play ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ Dar, you know I will.

 He mumbled a response but she had already stopped listening to him.

 “I do not deny that they are creatively quite something Dar but that is not the only measure of who they are.  Look into their hearts, their history, their deeds and it shows them to be wholly unsuitable for advancement.”

 She motioned to the specimen laid out on the table before them.  A portly fellow with tousled brown hair and red cheeks which suggested a love for hard liquor. 

 “Really” she continued.  “Just look at this one Dar, hardly an indication of a civilisation ready to become part of a greater galactic awareness now is he.”

 “Hello, excuse me I am here you know.  I can hear you” the portly red faced fellow shouted straining at whatever invisible bonds held him to the table.

 Dar and Zenda paid him absolutely no attention at all.

 The music picked up pace as she walked over to where he lay and she prodded him with a long scaly finger.. 

 “Dar, face it, they’re a pretty grubby lot when it comes down to it.”

 “Right, hello” the man shouted again.  Again they ignored him.  “Can you get me a manager, I need to speak to someone in authority if you’re not going to listen to me.”

 Dar sighed and unfolded his arms as Pachelbel’s Canon in D major began to play.

 “I just think we should give them a chance Zen, this one’s pretty rubbish I admit but there are some good ones.” 

 He snarled as the man on the table began to speak again and then went silent.

 “Like their leaders?” She asked, a wry smile upon her face.

 Dar paused for a moment.  “Maybe not them, but some of the others.”

 “Okay so maybe like the religious leaders?”

 He knew he was losing but wasn’t ready to give up.

 “You’re probably right you know” interrupted the red faced man.  “We’re a pretty sorry bunch come to think about it.”

 “Will you shut up” Dar barked “I’m trying to save you from oblivion here and you really aren’t helping.”

 Dar took a deep breath and gave it one last shot. “What about all the other great things they have achieved?  Law, society, scientific advancement. They could make a huge impact if we let them join us.  And god how gorgeous a planet.  Blue skies and blossoms the like of which we seldom see.”

 “War, hunger, genocide and the selfish pursuit of gain Dar.  They aren’t ready for it and they never will be.  They’re flawed.  I give you it’s a beautiful place but we our orders are pretty clear.”

 “She’s right you know” the specimen interrupted.  “As much as I hate to admit it she really is.  Were pretty useless.”

 “Really?” Dar snapped.  “Really?”

 Zenda smiled.  “Just do it Dar, let’s just finish up and head home.  I’ll issue the report and we can move onto the next job.”

 Dar looked over at the table.  The creature attempted to shrug as best as the restraints would allow.

 Dar reached for the console and initiated the destruction sequence.

 “Fine” he said leaving the room.  “But I’m keeping the music collection.”



Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

16 thoughts on “Blue Skies and Blossoms – Room 101”

  1. Oh I absolutely love this! I’m so glad you kept at it! This is one of your best ones yet. Reminds me of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This was really entertaining. I love that poor guy who was just ready to cheerfully die because he couldn’t defend his species.
    It felt HHTG to me too, but that might just be the English humor and language coming through. Do you like Douglas Adams?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yaaay! Douglas Adams is the best! I read the first Hitchhiker’s Guide so many times through, it got me through my crazies in college.
    I can’t believe he died so young because he wrote a lot of stuff! He was a blessing to the rest of us.

    Liked by 1 person

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