Catastrophic Calamaties – Room 101

These things tend to be short pieces that may or may not be the beginning of something else. They are, this month at least, just 101 words only (apart from this one). They dont always finish, I just like to try and evoke a certain feeling or scene. I also decided to combine this with M’s prompts. Today it was ‘Catastrophic Calamities’.

Clarella folder her arms and turned to look out of the window of the ship.  There was nothing in particular to look at, a few stars blinked and twinkled in the inky blackness of space, but that aside it was simply preferable to looking at his face.

“You must have pressed it” Gard insisted.  “I certainly didn’t, I would never do something like that by mistake.”

Clarella’s jaw tightened and she remained defiantly quiet.

“It’s okay” Gard continued placing a hand on her shoulder.  “It’s done now, it can’t be helped.”

She shrugged and brushed his hand away continuing to stare blankly out into the darkness.  The silence was making Gard wholly uncomfortable.

“Look…just…” He started but then stopped as Clarella turned towards him.  Her eyes narrowed and her nostrils flared.

“Do you really think I pressed it?” she asked, her head tilting menacingly to one side.  Gard couldn’t decide if she was going to gouge his eyes out or savage his throat.

“It..I just…” his voice trailed away as she turned again to look out of the window.

“you know what this is like don’t you?” she asked.

Gard mumbled a response that she really was not interested in hearing.

“This is just like that time at your mothers.”

Gard’s already cool reptilian blood ran colder still. “Babe please.” He pleaded but she was not one for listening once it got to this point.

“You know quite well that I was not at fault then but you chose to side with her.”

“Clar please” he said leaning in to try and let her see how very sorry he was.

The ship shuddered, tilted to starboard and then righted itself again as a large piece of planet collided with her hull.

“No Gard” she replied.  Her scales flushed and shimmered a light blue indicating her heightened emotional state.  “It’s always the same with you isn’t it.  You never believe me one.  If it was your mother I am sure you’d believe her.”

Gard checked the console.  Damage was minimal, the bulk of the impact absorbed by the vessels shields.

“Babe” he replied desperately, his attention again focussed on Clarella.  “I’m sorry okay, it must have been me.  I must have done it.  Let’s just get back en route, they’re waiting for us.”

“What?  You really think I’m going there with you after how you’ve treatd me?”  She shouted flashing him a vicious look.  “Just take me home I am going nowhere with you.”

Gard winced.  He knew she was not for changing her mind.

He brought up the control holo panel and reaching up punched in the coordinates for home.

“Clar, are you sure we…” he started but she cut him short.

“Just take me home” she said, her voice now quiet yet still quite menacing.  “You can tell them I have a really bad headache, which incidentally I now do so thank you for that also.”

Gard fired up the light drives and confirmed the coordinates, the Aspartila turning slowly on her axis as the navcomp plotted the best route home.

“Course confirmed” the ship’s navcomp said as she began to move slowly through the belt of debris that surrounded her.  “Once we have cleared the remains of the planet the estimated journey time at warp 3 will be in the region of 3 quintells.”

Clarella pulled on her safety harness and refolded her arms.

Straightening his seat Gard pulled on his own harness saying nothing.  He was still pretty sure she had hit the button and accidentally discharged the ship’s ion cannon and vaporised the planet but it really wasn’t worth getting into an even bigger fight over.

It’s wasn’t as if Earth mattered really.