Inside – Part 3 of 6 – Room 101

These things tend to be short pieces that may or may not be the beginning of something else. They are, this month at least, just 101 words only. They dont always finish, I just like to try and evoke a certain feeling or scene. I also decided to combine this with M’s prompts. Today it was ‘Platinum Plutonium’. I am going to try tell a short tale in 6 one hundred and one word pieces and publish them all today.


Cal whispered words that were like warm chocolate as they spilled from Gill’s mouth, and she had a sweet tooth.  The nanites coursing through Henderson’s body made him a puppet and though he fought every instruction he was powerless to resist as they left the Platinum Plutonium and caught a sky cab to hers.

He watched her undress, soft curves silhouetted against the moonlight streaming through the 200th floor windows and his body instinctively responding to her touch.

He thought of his wife at home as she closed her eyes and kissed him, her lips soft and warm, unable to resist.

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