I haven’t had much time to dedicate to things this last week and being rather busy have mostly churned out the things I do regularly, popped some of the things closest to my heart on the back burner and tried to keep on top of my comments and reading.  I will Have time to catch up on some of the proper writing in the next few weeks.

I did get a fabulous surprise though when it came up that I have hit 500 followers.  I stopped celebrating most milestones a while back as I tried to spend more time writing and less time considering the stats so this snuck up on me a bit.

I started this blog about 9 months ago and have had a real blast.  I have met some wonderful people along the way and have had the pleasure of reading all manner of creative goodness that I never imagined I would find when I first decided to start writing.

Nichole was my first follower way back and Smartvegrecipoe my 500th and along the way every other one of you lovely lot.

I wont waffle on too much, I only do odd and ridiculous remember, but I just wanted to say thanks for following, commenting and reading and I hope you continue to enjoy it and I am almost, after 770 posts, almost ready to maybe possibly admit to being a kind of sort of writer of a type.  Almost.

Michael x



Author: Michael

Husband, dad,programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

28 thoughts on “500”

  1. Congratulations! You are a breath of fresh air in the blogging world. You’re a breath or some sort of air. Perhaps you are mostly hot air. Whatever type of air you are, you’re a good one! 700 posts? You’re a wildman!

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  2. You are a prolific and versatile writer Michael. Yesterday I got that badge that I had 100 followers and I’ve been at this just over five years. So, you do the math … you can consider yourself a writer.

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  3. I know it is a great feeling for me reaching 100 – the first two or three years I only had one person following me, the one who suggested I write the blog. Then I had 15 e-mail subscribers for years … since November 2017, I have added 80 plus followers, all on WordPress. Well, it just makes you want to write more! Whew!

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  4. Something I read originally was just write for yourself and Wright high quality work and everything else will follow there is always somebody interested in what you have to say and what you think . some blogs have such huge numbers and some of those numbers are driven by Facebook and Twitter which I’m not particularly bothered by. And some subjects attract far more leaders than others. If you write a blog about blogging you’ll be surprised at how many people are interested in that. I guess we all have a niche to sell

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  5. That’s so true – I just wrote for myself the longest time – my neighbor faithfully commented since she encouraged me to write the blog. I even have my blog carried on two different newspapers – one a local newspaper and one a hyperlocal online “paper” … no comments but I do get clicks from those two places according to my stats.
    I’m not particularly interested in all that either and am writing for the enjoyment. I like the followers but don’t share my content on Facebook – in fact I have friends on Facebook that I’ve sent the occasional blog post link as I think they may be interested in it, and they don’t follow me or rarely comment on it so I don’t bother anymore. My Facebook settings are set to high anyway, so no one can comment or post on my Wall anyway, so I don’t bother on Facebook and I only use Twitter to follow the news/weather.


  6. Sounds very much like you’re doing it for the right reason why you enjoy it so much you won’t get dragged into any of the drama and the stress of worrying about stats anything like that just into doing it because it’s a pleasure to do it you can see that in your writing and how much effort you put into it and how much you enjoy your walks

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  7. Michael – are you on Twitter? Today is World Poetry Day and they have a thread about Haiku and Aquariums … funny. Here’s the hashtag:


  8. It was trending when I sent you the message, but not now, but you can still plug in the hashtag in the search bar and find it … work interrupted my Twitter reading today. I usually pop on/off to see what’s trending – had been reading about the Austin bomber and saw it.

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  9. Whenever I follow sites, it seems like I’m inundated with stuff, so I unfollow them and just have a list of people/places that I’ll pop on. I do that on Facebook too. I look at people’s Walls when I get a chance, and just look at my news feed for news or places I follow … otherwise I get bogged down there and can’t get away. I only started at Twitter when one of the bloggers in my Patch.com blogging group asked each of us to follow her so she could get 1,000 followers, so I signed up for that. It’s great to follow trends though – quicker than Facebook trends. Five minutes after something happens, it is trending.

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