Ravishing Peril – In the Dark 12

A bit like another I did to be honest…

Another month of M’s writing prompts lies ahead.  I did them all in December but was less successful in January.  Let’s see how we do in February shall we.

You can see the prompts here.

Ravenous appetite

Sweaty brow and trousers tight

No control, stalks the night

In search of victims new


Throbbing urge rancid needs

Red raw mouth darkness leads

On shimmer bright his hunger feeds

His bile and hate and spew


Neath the stars, cold inky black

He surrenders, can’t turn back

Hear flesh tear and feel bones crack

And he’s refreshed anew


Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

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