Silly n Sexy – In the Dark 5

Imagine the scene if you will…

Another month of M’s writing prompts lies ahead.  I did them all in December but was less successful in January.  Let’s see how we do in February shall we.  These pieces tend to be excerpts and flashes of something that could be.

You can see the prompts here.

The scene: A bench between A cherry blossom, petals falling gently on the late summer breeze as the sun sets and night Descends.  Our couple find themselves alone and high on the intoxicating thrill of the first flushes of romance.


He: Go on, squeeze it.  It’s okay.

She: Oh you are bad.

(Jumps as it honks.  Giggling pushes hair behind her ear)

She: It really is rather big isn’t it.

He: If you think that’s big then wrap your eyes around this!

She: (gasps) Oh my.  That’s so huge.  What size is it?  Is everything so big.  (winks and giggles)

He: Oh yes, and this will make your eyes water I am sure. (raises one eyebrow)

She: (More gasps and slight squeal)

He: Oh my dear indeed, I am glad you approve.

She: May I touch it?

(Lights dim, stars come out.  Awkward pause ensues)

She:  Shrieks as it empties all over her face

He: Gotcha (loud laughter.  Slaps thigh)

She: (Smiling) Oh you are terrible.

He:  You’re all wet, here let me dry you.  I should have warned you it has a hair trigger and goes off at the slightest touch.

She: Oh I love it, once it starts it just never stops coming.

He: (Blushing) I am indeed a man of many talents.

She:  Any many handkerchiefs it seems.  (Gasps and claps as he pulls handkerchiefs from his sleeve)


Scene closes as our the camera pans away, the circus tent in the background and fades to black.

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

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