What a week

Ever have one of those weeks you think will never end?  The sort that keeps you wound up and all frantic with your innards all knotted, only to look back at the week and think “What was all the fuss about?”

I had one of those.

I have a decent job, one that I am pretty good at and that does not particularly vex me.  Just the way i like things – without vex.

This week’s vex though came in the form of a Rugby festival that I organise and deliver for about 800 children.  I do it because I love the club my kids play at, it is part of the community and over the last few years has become a huge part of my life and my families.  They discovered I was bad ass at spreadsheets (my words obviously, not theirs) and before you know it I am involved in all manner of things including being in charge of this thing (though I am still unsure how).

Planning includes doing a lot of the actual work needed in the run up including things such as putting up fences and gazebos and a list of other jobs as long as my arm.  I have this all in hand, no problems, and love doing it.  Then, with a week to go I seem to head into a spiral of panic and am convinced that it is going to be a disaster and become a complete arsehole and beat myself up.

So today, the big day arrives and with the exception of some major traffic and parking issues it goes off really well.   There is a brilliant team of people there making sure

Whilst the cars queue and some people rant and perform it seems the end of the world and I am convinced it is going to be a disaster.  I’ve organised everything so of course traffic on a tiny Island housing 70 million people is my fault.

Eventually, a semblance of calm ensues and I take a walk through the site to see what we have put on and I had a right lump in my throat.  800 children ranging from 6 to 11 playing rugby, having a wonderful time and not a care in the world amongst them.  7 hours later we are all packed away, I have had a couple of Woo-woo’s and I get home to take a look at my emails and Facebook to discover a load of thanks and congratulations on a great day and how they’re looking forward to next year.

I know there are probably loads of deep and meaning things I could assume about myself in this regard but mostly I thought “stop being such a dick, you prepared for this, enjoy yourself more because one day you will be dead.”

Nothing is the end of the world, apart from the end of the world of course.

Anyway, I’ve been up for a very long time and I don’t usually post about things like this and I am going to bed secretly quite proud and a little bit emotional about what we achieved today.