Not a piece about Dr Who – Honest – Sunday Photo Fiction.

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It’s hard to resist anything other than something Dr Who based on this.

I could write about how Tom Baker,  Doctor of my childhood, remains my favourite though I will not because those memories seem far off these days.

I could also write about the ludicrous furore over the recently announced Doctor having a vagina.  The fact that he has two hearts and travels through time seems far more palatable to many than the idea of someone with a uterus holding the keys to the T.A.R.D.I.S.

God forbid it had been a black woman, can you imagine the outcry.  Trump and Brexit we can handle but surely not that.

Actually, had Diane Abbott been cast as the Doctor I may actually have taken side with the crazies.  Her vagina is not something on which I wish to dwell.  Jeremy Corbyn may however wish to differ.

I could also write about the shambles that was Christopher Ecclestone but the less said about that the better.  Tosser.

Instead of writing I will just enjoy the memories I have of one of the greatest creative works to come out of this country and wait for next week’s challenge.

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  1. Great piece about not being a story based on Doctor Who. 🙂 I look forward with trepidation to the next doctor, the same way I always look forward with trepidation – are they going to be any good. I was happy when Capaldi was cast as it came away from the “I love the Doctor” and more of the “I am the Doctor”


      1. I wasn’t that keen on the last Clara season. They seemed to make her the main character with the Doctor as her sidekick. They definitely pulled everything out with this last season though. It was terrific.


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