July 29, 2017

The toils of motherhood

Three weeks ago I started writing and in those first days I think I wrote some good stuff that I don’t think many people read. Hers a new blogger who you might enjoy and that might benefit from the encouragement of new readers.

Life lessons

My mother-in-law had finished her lecture (for the nth time), about how she had efficiently looked after my husband and his brother when they were just babies in their cloth diapers. Presumably she had had sleepless nights, mornings full of work, illnesses to be dealt with, school work and possibly fought a war with aliens too, by the looks of it. But she managed all that by not taking her children out of the house but taking them out. Yes, you read that right.

I quizzically looked at my 3 month old baby slumbering peacefully in his cradle. My first (and terrifying) thought was, “Were we going to end up like that, too?”

Now let me get this straight. I love my baby. I really do. He is the light of my life. But I value my sleep. And my life. There, I said it. I’m already struggling a bit…

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  1. She was just a little over dramatic I see. 😂



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