Art work. Rabbit Hare

Something I picked up at a con in London.

Normally I shouw you my comic art but this is different.  I picked this up at a con in London a few years ago and had forgotten about it.  Only cost me £15 and is a limited print and as I recall I have anther one somewhere of a Tiger/Moth combination.  This is the octopus/crayfish/hare combo.  It is called sea hare.

Comic cons often also have your general artist type with his stuff on display and I remember seeing this and loving both the combination of the creatures but loving the detail and the pen strokes. The intricate detail is gorgeous and just rather beautiful.  I adore the hybrid creature idea too, weird stuff like that really floats my boat.



Ive tried to find out who did it but have struggled.  Shame really.

I really do need to get some of this stuff framed.