G is for…Ghosts and Goblins

G, glorious G

You can read the genesis of this A-Z here.

Now onto g!

Sooooo many games to go at here…In fired up the machine this morning and oh such sweet memories.

We used to.play Gauntlet on what felt like this massive machine but was really just all crammed onto one normal cabinet. It was bloody awesome.


And oh did u ever play this?

Golden axe!

Golden axe was just frigging fabulous…

How about Galaga and Galaxian?!?!

Oh how good were they…but it gets better…

Bloody gun smoke and gyruss!
Ghosts and Goblins

Ghosts and goblins was my favourite G though…your knight would lose his armour and end up in his underpants if enemies touched him…but oh what a treat it was. I was shit at it but it still brings back memories of playing it at the shop after school…