Things I read in January

So there was one that I was reading for the 2nd time and a classic that I was reading for the 1st. A 3rd That I endured and a 4th Which I figure I ought to read given that I bought it.

Stephen King dishes out some wonderful writing advice as well as an intriguing tale of his journey to writing superstardom. I’ve read this a couple of times and I find it hugely inspirational And it really does deliver a simple message on the art of writing.

I’m not going to try and explain why To Kill a Mockingbird is so bloody good. I’m pretty certain generations of school children have analysed it to death.

What I will say is that it is an absolutely beautifully written piece of work. You really could learn so much by just reading and learning. How I have gone this long without reading it is pretty shameful to be honest…

The other 2 were just filler really but I enjoyed both to varying degrees for different reasons. None of which I can be arsed actually going into.

As you can see I’m not really doing book reviews I’m just sharing my initial thoughts on what I’ve enjoyed reading this month.

What have you been reading?