6 months of shenannigans

Well that flew by…

I started this blog without really thinking too much about it.  I started to write with no real intention other than to see what would come out of me, and what has come out of me so far are 467 posts in 184 days.  Occasionally I posted nothing, and on one particularly mad day I posted 14 times but mostly I just decided to write and see where that lead me.

Somewhere in there are stats which tell me I now have 370 followers, 16000 plus views, 7500 likes and around 5000 visitors.  I dont know if they’re good or not and they’re not the ones I look for for the most part, the one in particular that I look for most is the number of comments because I see those as a real indicator of engagement with people, and that is something I have really enjoyed which I did not expect at all.

People have been incredibly encouraging along the way and as I have got to know writers such as Mel, Walt, Linda, M, Dronsta, Ward, Leigha, Roda, Fandango, Penny, Dorinda and many more it has certainly helped me to keep scribbling away.  I must also thank my wife who has been hugely encouraging and frightfully patient despite the rather shocking nature of some of the stuff I have churned out.

I have also enjoyed reading other people’s work far more than I expected and there are some wonderfully engaging and talented people out there.  I dont get to read everyone as much as I would like and I probably do not read everybody that I should but I think we all struggle with that.

So what next?

Well I think I will just keep going and see where that leads me.  More of the same old stuff I enjoy writing and perhaps some new stuff as I challenge myself and hopefully along the the way you will continue to enjoy the words I produce and the order in which I produce them.

If I was to give anyone advice, and I dont propose to be in any position to tell anyone how to do anything, but if I was to after my 6 months of writing it would be this.

Just write about the things you are passionate about and which make you happy.  Find your voice and go with it, it’s what makes you unique.