Pizza Review #2 – Salty Goodness

A rather yummy 8.5 on the pizza scale!

I recently bought an Ooni pizza oven, which you can read about here. When I did the post it was suggested that I add a subject to the blog of the pizzas I do, so here you go. This, is that…

Still going to work through the format but lets do it this way:

Pastrami and Roquefort

Base – Shop bought Pizza Express ready rolled. Pretty good and nice and thin. Makes a big one you can share too so great for when you have guests – which we did.

Sauce – I made my own marinara with tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, oregano and salt and pepper.

Toppings – Pastrami and Roquefort cheese

Cheese – Roquefort and Mozarella

Verdict – It works. Really works. Roquefort is a blue cheese, so salty and strong, and the sweet sauce balanced it up nicely. Base was super crispy, so it was just one of those pizzas where you want to keep shovelling it in because it just tastes and feels great in your mouth. And cutting back on the mozarella meant it wasn’t too oily or dripping with cheese, so I felt like I was almost having diet pizza – which meant I could eat twice as much!

This is another I did – BBQ chicken with red onion and peppers
Youngest child and sister eatign some of the rosemary and garlic focaccia I did too, and her family and the reset of mine were about too…

It pass the morning after test? What’s that, I hear you ask.

When it comes to pizza a good test is just what it tastes like the next morning, cold, with mayo or salad cream. Well, it was really good. The saltiness and the vinegar of the salad cream were a perfect blend and the pastrami was still rather good cold.

All in all, a top pizza and one I shall make again- though next time I will add sun dried tomatoes too to balance out how strong the Roquefort is…


Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

10 thoughts on “Pizza Review #2 – Salty Goodness”

  1. I love blue cheese. Kind of found it late in life on a filet mignon, but now I’m a fan of it everywhere. I’ll have to try Roquefort. Never would’ve thought on pizza. Thanks for expanding my horizons!

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  2. Husband gave this roquefort + prosciutto combo a try last night. Oh my, we will never be able to enjoy pizza in a restaurant again now we’ve had this. Five stars, Chef! He also told me that the bread dough used in one of his pizzas is the same as 4 bread rolls. I will never be able to eat an entire pizza again without guilt, unless maybe it’s got roquefort + prosciutto on it…

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  3. I’ve not tried roquefort – it might be a bit sharp for my taste – but I can thoroughly recommend trying gorgonzola (a picante version if possible), which I combine with a selection of Italian mixed meats.

    Are we going to see you preparing some classic Neapolitan combos? Making your own dough is a game changer and the ‘basic’ Ooni recipe is a good place to start.

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