Corona Lock down Diaries – Day Twelvtytwo – Renovations

I’ve got a house full of manly men…

About 3 weeks before lockdown we started a cellar renovations project that we had been planning since we moved into this house 15 years ago. The cellar compromises 3 rooms which we have used for storage and a play room for the kids when they were younger. We had a big screen and a projector down there for a few years which was pretty cool too.

It was never a really clean and tidy space though and had damp in places and lots of exposed pipework and wiring. So, after a few years of saving it was time to get the builder in and see what he could do. It was going to take a few months but we figured we could live with the mess for a short while and proceeded to box everything up we wanted to keep (and trash everything we didn’t).

Then we went into lockdown and everything stopped for a few months…

Whilst they are back now, and there isn’t long to go, it has certainly been an experience. We have patiently waited as they have done a great job in truly transforming the space and…even as I write this I am struggling to concentrate because someone is fucking drilling so loud in the room below me that I could just…Bloody hell get done already, you’ve been here since March!! Our living room barely has enough room to fit the four of us in, I cant actually even see the TV screen in a lot of the room because things are piled 5 foot high! And stop drinking chuffing cups of tea…build something damn it, anything. Hammer, cut, saw, plaster, shovel…I don’t care just do it. Do it NOW! Finish my fucking house you bloody buggering bastards!

Ahem…Anyway, here are a few progress photos of one of the rooms. Lots more to follow somewhen but it’s getting close to being done.

I think they just put the frigging Kettle on again! Twats!

Only kidding…I actually really do like them 🙂

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

8 thoughts on “Corona Lock down Diaries – Day Twelvtytwo – Renovations”

  1. Love the orange walls Michael! We hired a woman painter/wallpaper hanger to redo the house and my mother was here all day and watched her work … none of it was fast. When she came for the estimate, etc. she said she worked 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 daily M-F and then she picked her granddaughter up from school so had to leave properly. Once she began the job, she never arrived earlier than 10:00 and gone by 2:00 and took an hour for lunch. Every time she wanted to smoke a cigarette, it was outside and had to take her thermos of coffee with her. And a magazine. Oh … the best part, was she had hot flashes and would run through the house to make a beeline outside to cool off – it was a three-week project in September and we had A/C on most of that time. My mom gave her a small fan and a table and said “here’s a fan – I had hot flashes too and didn’t run outside every *&^% time I had one!”


  2. What a transformation! That red is making it cheery as hell! Or was that cherry. One of the two, but probably both. You’ve just reminded me that we were supposed to have an electrician come in to put an antique fixture they took away and restored. I should remember since I have a bare lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. Yes, must put that on the list…hopefully not my bucket list! Enjoy the new space, my friend. It looks fantastic!

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  3. Thanks Linda…i imagine that red room will become one of must as were turning it into a small home gym…the bigger room will be more fun when done and has an exercise ban and mandatory alcohol consumption

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  4. The work looks great. I am sure you will be happy when it is all done and quiet again… or as quiet as it can be with children in the house. (that includes the adult children too. LOL) Look forward to seeing the other pictures.

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