Corona Lock down Diaries – Day 4800. Weight YoYo-ing.

The ongoing saga of the right old state our doors were in…

So…The doughnut returns.

For those of you not familiar with it I wrote a lot a while back about food, dieting, whole30 and generally trying not die prematurely. It went quite well for quite a while, and I lost quite a lot of weight. About 30lbs as I recall. I then proceeded to put it back on again plus another 10lbs. I then lost that but no sooner was it off than I put that back on again in double quick time. Plus probably a but more.

If you’ve ever struggled with your weight then you know how it goes.

The most recent weight increase was following a health review I had at hospital in December. Despite me having concerns I was in a pretty bad shape, my weight aside I was apparently not doing too bad. This emboldened me to embrace the Christmas and New Year with wide open arms and an even wider mouth and before you know it I am in lockdown and as heavy as I have ever been.

Anyway…fast forward three months and I have managed to shift close to 30lbs and am now close to where I was when I did the whole30 thing. So a long way to go but I have undone a year of cocktails, pies, meat feasts and general gluttony. Just another 48 years worth to do now…

This time round I have concentrated on calorie deficit and intermittent fasting. The fasting helps me to be disciplined in terms of when I eat, and the calorie deficit keeps what I eat under control. I am using the Myfitnesspal and Fastic apps to track things and it really does seem to work for me.

Being home 24/7 and being able to plan and cook has made a huge difference too. There are far fewer takeaways and processed foods have mostly been replaced with freshly cooked meals. I;m even growing my own herbs to help with some of the dishes I have been dabbling with.

Anyway, I will write more about this I am sure – just thought I’d share a little as a starter for now. Pun intended.

Oh and we are putting a gym in in the cellar as part of the renovations. But that is also for another post…

Bon appetit!

Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

9 thoughts on “Corona Lock down Diaries – Day 4800. Weight YoYo-ing.”

  1. Well I saw that big pink iced donut and said “Ah, Michael’s at it again – back with a food post!” Considering how much you indulged, you look none the worse for imbibing or chowing down. (I loved this line: “This emboldened me to embrace the Christmas and New Year with wide open arms and an even wider mouth and before you know it I am in lockdown and as heavy as I have ever been.) Your meals all look delicious and once again I’ll say that you missed your calling – the chef toque would become you (though it might get a little warm with the mast too).

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  2. Thanks Linda… I think the family are enjoying being my food guinea pigs 🙂

    I was a chef briefly about 30 years ago … maybe that’s where i got my introduction which im more latterly exploring… hope you’re staying well

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  3. I’m sure the family enjoys being guinea pigs Michael – I wish someone would experiment on me. 🙂 I don’t think I knew of your early origins as a chef. My former neighbor back in the early 90s was about age 60 and a bit of curmudgeon and lived alone. He never spoke to us and I learned from his son that he had disdain for women after a bitter divorce. But he remained close to his kids who were grown and on their own. When this gentleman got pancreatic cancer, his son, who was in his third/last year of law school in another state, quite law school and came to take care of his father the last six months of his life. Nick, Jr. had also been a chef every Summer at a resort area and loved it … he really wanted to be a chef for a career, but decided to go to law school instead. My mom had a hip replacement and was recuperating at home and I was off work to take care of her at the same time Nick, Jr. was taking care of his father. Every night he’d cook up extra portions and send them over … we never knew what we’d have that night … he’d call and say “come to the fence to collect your dinner.” Good times and good memories – I should do a post about that sometime. He became a prosecuting attorney in Florida and we lost track of him. But he just loved to cook and was pretty roly poly. He told me he wished he had gone with his passion, instead of a practical career. I am well, hope you are too. We are starting to have an uptick in cases/deaths here in Michigan … we were supposed to go to the next phase, but the Governor slowed it down as she expects a resurgence. I think that will happen as people got out of the house and went out like they were wild animals and the cage door was left open. Moderation maybe would have been better. A bunch of college kids went to a bar the first night the bars/restaurants opened and all of them in the group of 14 have tested positive. SMH

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  4. It all looks so good! I would love it if you would talk to my boyfriend and have him fix more health conscious meals… he loves meat and starches. At least tonight we started with a large salad so I didn’t eat as much of the macaroni and cheese with ham. I am currently the heaviest I have ever been and it needs to CHANGE!

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  5. I think the problem is that meat and starch are just so delicious! Healthy can be delicious it just seems to take a shit load of effort n time which I’ve had during lockdown!


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