Jessica – Room 101

I haven’t done this for a while.  101 words.  Sometimes a beginning, sometimes an end.  Or even a frustratingly pointless middle.

Night fell, the full moon streamed through the slits in the ragged curtains.  Jessica pulled the blankets over her face and waited.  Adrenaline coursed through her, fear gripping her tight as she picked out cautious footsteps crunching through the coarse gravel outside her window.

“She’s inside” she heard Monsignor whisper.

“We need to hurry” came a reply.  It was her father.

Floorboards creaked as she watched the moonlight crawl slowly up the bed towards her.  Her heartbeat slowed, her eyes narrowed and she lowered the blanket, smiling.

“On three” came her father’s voice outside the door.

Jessica was ready in two…