Happy Birthday to My Blog – The after party – clean up

You might wonder why the dickens I am posting so much today, and if so all will become clear eventually.  For now though I will continue and post a little more about my experience of blogging this last year.  I wrote a bit here, and another bit here already.

In the last year I have posted almost everyday.  I did a count and in total I think I missed 30 days which isn’t bad.  That is not to say I haven’t written a lot – I have written about 1100 pieces – it’s just that I actually just like to get them posted once I have written them instead of scheduling them in some organised schedule.  I will schedule perhaps to the next day if I have a lot to post but I found that scheduling posts for say the next week took some of my focus away and made me a little complacent.

Now I don’t write for any reason other than to write and to hopefully leave something my kids will read one day and perhaps their children too.  I don’t dream of publishing a novel or changing lives or anything so noble.  I write because I love doing it and I should have been doing it for the last 30 years.

I realise this can be somewhat boom or bust at times and this week is a great example.  I have been pretty busy at work and at home and low on energy as I get used to my new diet and this ungodly warm weather so I managed maybe a post or two a day at best.  I made notes in my notebook and scribbled down ideas but that was the extent of my creativity.  By the time Friday came around I felt this surge of creativity and energy and so decided that I would do a post an hour for the next 24 hours.  Monday might be lean when it eventually comes around but for me writing is all about writing in the moment and following the urges I feel.

Now I should say that I would also advocate writing every day even if it is something small.  Keep the brain going and maintain a degree of routine and you wont find yourself slipping too far behind.  I have occasionally taken some time away and to be honest it was a bad idea.  I found it really difficult to get back to my writing as other things took up the time I put aside and I am unlikely to do anything like that again.

If you can’t be arsed with all that here are a few bullet points for you on my experience that you might find useful:

  • Keep a notebook to hand you never know when inspiration will strike.  Or text yourself.  Or write it on your hand.  I know Ive forgotten some great ideas.
  • Write something every day and you wont drift too far from your blog
  • When inspiration strikes follow the urge.  If that means ten posts in a day then sod it – do it.
  • Make time to write and ask those around you to help you stick to the schedule because creativity matters