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Deep in Soliloquy

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I find myself at a crossroads.  How do I take better care of myself?  Which path do I take when I’m trying to catch my breath?  How far should I go when things I need and want are just around the corner?  How high do I have reach to touch the sky?  How much hurt before you hurt all the way?  Is silence really golden?  Is a solitary walk worth my soul?  Does it matter if I cry for no reason?  Does it matter if there is a good reason for a cry?  How lonely is lonely when you’ve been lonely for so long? I have so many other questions.  Sigh… deep… profound sigh.  So many questions… so many answers… only one reset button.

Well… here’s a thought:

Resetting the reset button doesn’t mean the end… but the beginning of something new… something that encompasses all the beautiful history that…

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