Through his mothers eyes

She watches, he, a picture of his father

beautiful and flawed

forever and always in her heart

protected, loved , adored


A world awaits, alone she prepares

first steps, first words, forehead kissed

hand held, knee scraped tears wiped

he – birthdays, Christmas missed


Held tight she wishes a life far more

than she can ever give

love overflows, it’s all she has

to pave his way to live


And seasons pass, she watches

he grows, eyes bright, unknowing

not realising what he does not have

the scars hidden, unshowing


Such pride she wears on tear worn face

a life surrendered without regret

to see him grow from boy to man

though her heart cannot forget


the life now passed her by,  in days

each lived but not her own

freely given yet taken too

by the man he has not known






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