Inexpressible Notions – In the Dark 7

Sometimes the words are just lost in the noise.

Another month of M’s writing prompts lies ahead.  I did them all in December but was less successful in January.  Let’s see how we do in February shall we.

You can see the prompts here.

It’s been an odd week this week.  I have barely been able to get to my blog as life seemed to get in the way.  I found my days filled, from morning until night, and most nights I found myself looking longingly at my blog but losing the battle and having to sleep instead.  In the past I would have beat myself up about it but this time I simply succumbed and let life do it’s thing.   It did not look like a fight I was going to win so I chose to not have the fight.

Things feel a little more under control now though and I have managed to post a couple of pieces but it’s the piece below I have found myself struggling with.  I started it and flew through those lines, quite excited by the idea and really keen to get it written out.  Five days later however and the energy I felt at the time and the ideas that were forming have disappeared.  I had made a few notes but I am thinking that the moment has passed and it will be a piece I may never finish.  I have only ever had one other piece like that and again, it was a piece that I let lie dormant for a few days and the flames turned to embers and were eventually extinguished.

I’m okay with that though, I have learned something about my own creative process and will hopefully not make the same mistake again.  I guess the title of this works in many ways…


In the everyday back and forth of life Johnathan Cholmley-Ambers was a man who simply went with the flow.  He was as forthright as he was opinionated, which was not at all, and in most situations could largely be relied upon to cause neither a fuss, a drama nor a kerfuffle.  His friends, of which he had exactly none, would likely have described his as wet if they existed and those who would count themselves as colleagues would often forget his name so forgettable was he.

It therefore came as a surprise to him, as much as those who knew him, when one morning he awoke and quite simply decided that today he would speak his mind.  He did not know why today of all days he had made this decision but a decision it was and he took to it with much aplomb.  It was also somewhat of a revelation that he held such strong opinions, because he was pretty certain that he had not historically felt so passionately about anything at all.

He awoke, showered and dressed and very briefly considered having breakfast but then decided that the marmalade on toast could go screw itself and instead opted to head out to work with an empty belly and a skip in his step.

His poor neighbour, Mrs Laud, a full bosomed kindly old lady who sported a purple rinse and a love of cats stood aghast as he greeted her with a “Shove your good morning up your bottom” as she was bringing in the milk.  She was still stood there quite speechless as Jonathan’s  front gate snapped closed and he headed for the bus.



Author: Michael

Husband, dad,(ex)programmer, comic collector and proud Yorkshireman. I have no idea why im here or why im writing but i rather enjoy it. no great fan of punctuation;

13 thoughts on “Inexpressible Notions – In the Dark 7”

  1. Oh Michael, this is the highly compelling beginning of a potential comic gem. I command you to return to it and finish it sometime. I don’t think I can live without knowing how the rest of Mr. Cholmley-Ambers’ week goes after he decides to speak up.
    I know exactly how you feel, though, regarding the loss of interest after too much time elapses following that initial burst of inspirational creative energy. I learned long ago that in cases where I start a piece strong after sudden inspiration but let too much time pass before trying to finish it, I have little chance of doing so. I hope in this case you’re able to pick it back up. I’m hooked!
    Take care, be well, and happy Blogging!

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  2. I am glad you’re back and re-energized! I love your descriptions of people, places and things in these short stories because I feel like I’m sitting there taking it all in with you. I love the description of Mrs. Laud. We’ll wait for the ending here with bated breath before it is published in paperback. 🙂

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  3. I’ve been having this problem too… Seems mine is lasting a lot longer than yours… I have been finding it hard to manage my time enough to blog before work, so I try to blog while I’m working when it’s semi-slow and it ends up taking me 10 days to finish a blog… By the time I go back, I have often forgotten the main reasoning behind the blog…


  4. to be completely honest… It’s really because I’d rather watch youtube or read than sit at my computer before I have to go to work to sit at a computer… I try to kill 2 birds with 1 stone, but it ends up just frustrating me in the end…

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  5. Sometimes you need a reset and a reboot and others you need to just slowly make your way back to it. There are so many things competing for our attention it can be a real challenge. Even if its slow you’re still writing

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  6. Yeah, it’s not that I don’t enjoy writing, I really do like it…
    I think before they made all these changes at my job it was a lot slower during certain times so I could get away with writing while I was there… And then I had the evenings because my insomnia was acting up super bad while I was adjusting to some new medications and the new apartment…
    I really hate blogging off my phone though, I make way too many errors and it’s painful for my hands to be cramped up like that too long…
    Not to mention I have school starting soon again… Now I don’t know when I’ll have time for anything

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  7. Sounds like u just need to surrender to the realities of life but find that time for your writing even of its half an hour but u protect that time fiercly …you have things to say that are worth reading remember that …

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