Y is for You, yes YOU

I’ve been doing this for a while now and I am often conflicted with how best to use my time as I want to read as many people as possible on here but the truth of the matter is that simply is not possible.  This is not intended as an excuse, but rather an acknowledgement and from that stems the question – how will I decide who to follow and read.

Turns out, for me, it’s about the author and not necessarily the work.   Connections with authors seems to matter as much to me as their work, and if that person allows you into their world in a way that is more than just the words for that day then I find myself wanting to return to find out more about them.  The most compelling blogs I have followed are also quite often those where the author takes time to build the relationship with their reader.  They post and reply to comments in a meaningful way, they show an interest in your opinion and they seem genuinely interested in engaging rather than simply throwing a work out there and waiting for the likes.

Now that’s not always the case, and obviously an interest in the work of the person helps and if that interest extends to enjoyment all the better.  I enjoy the odd bit of poetry, and have re-blogged some and will be re-blogging more of my favourites in coming weeks.  Recently though I stumbled upon this chap who I not only enjoyed immensely but also followed because his poetry was so damned good.  The rhyming and metre and flow was just some so ridiculously enjoyable I felt compelled to.

Anyway, not sure where that came from because I was going to write about Yoga and people who do yoga and yoga pants but that will have to wait for another day.