Departmental Duties 2 – Room 101

These things tend to be short pieces that may or may not be the beginning of something else.  Originally they were 101 words only.  I’m less strict about that now.  They dont always finish, I just like to try and evoke a certain feeling or scene. I did part 1 here and this is a bit more.


Jeremiah stepped out into the night pulling his coat collar around his ears as the rain continued to fall,  iridescent pools forming across the open paved area in front of the building that lead to the cross town zip.  The Immigration centre was in the heart of the market district, a leftover from decades before when this was part of a vibrant business area hosting head offices of banks and financial institutions from across the planet.  Now it was very much a sea of stalls, food vendors and a pulsating night live that catered for the most basic tastes and cravings for creatures from across all four systems.  High rises had been converted for accommodation and the suits were mostly long gone.

The main road through the area was a sea of neon painted against the wall of converted hab-blocks towering high into the grey skies above.  Across from the immigration building, illuminated only by the crack and fizz of the day glow signs, he could make out the silhouettes of a tall Carillion and a small group of Thracians.

“What a joke” he mumbled to himself.  Earth had welcomed them, gave them refuge and saved them from the ravages of their own worlds, but now they had taken over huge swathes of the city and people like him – humans, born of Earth – were an endangered species in some parts.

“Hey handsome” came a voice from the shadows as he crossed towards the Zip station.  “You been working late? You looking for something special?”

Jeremiah turned towards the source of the voice.  It was a Carillion.  Humanoid in basic form but standing 8 foot tall with bright blue scaled skin they were quite something.  Her voice rolled with an enticing melody.  It was almost a song and Jeremiah paused for a moment.

“No, no I don’t.” He answered sharply.  “I have a wife.”

She sensed reservation in his voice.  She know his type.  Hated them and their kind but couldn’t resist the lure of something exotic.  “You sure baby” she answered smiling.  She motioned towards a door lit by a single white light.  “My home is your home.”

Jeremiah walked slowly over.  There was a reason the Carillions were so popular, he’d heard the men in the office talking about them.  “Show me” he said, a snarl on his face

She placed a hand on the side of his head.  “Close your eyes baby”.

Jeremiah obeyed and in a moment he felt her inside his head, images of writhing flesh and darkest desires flooding his senses.  He could taste her on his tongue.  He could feel her long slender fingers on  his skin.

“Stop” he shouted opening his eyes grabbing her arm.

She smiled at him and lowered her arm.  “It’s okay baby I understand, I’ve seen your thoughts.  I know how you feel about us.  It’s okay”

He released her arm and stood staring up at her.   He wanted it.  He wanted her.  He had a thousand reasons to head home but right now all he could think of was the thoughts she’d put in his head.

“How much?” he asked.

She reached for his hand and opened the door.  “A hundred and fifty Credits for everything.”

He reached into his pocket and checked his wallet.

“I have one request” he said putting it back into his pocket.

“Yes baby of course, whatever you desire” she answered leading him through the door and up a small flight of stairs.

His mouth dry and pulse racing he followed her into a small room.  There were threadbare carpets on the floor and a bed along one wall.  On the opposite side of the room was a screen draped with a silk gown.  The walls were bare save for a long mirror and a crucifix above the sink in the corner.

Jeremiah reached into his coat pocket and pulled out his wallet and paid her.  He then took out his phone and sent a message to his wife telling her he would be home late and put it back away.

He looked up at her as she caressed his face.

“So what was that request you had then“ she asked, her voice filling his head.

He paused.  He hated himself.  “I want you to hurt me…”